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Benoit Teychené graduated from Toulouse University in 2005 (M.S. of Environmental Process Engineering) and received his PhD from the National Institute of Applied Science of Toulouse (2008), where under the direction of Corinne Cabassud and Christelle Guigui he studied the fouling phenomena in membrane bioreactor used for municipal wastewater treatment. During his postdoctoral research at Laboratoire d’Ingénierie des Systèmes Biologiques et des Procédés (LISBP, INSA Toulouse, France) he developed a new in-situ method for the measurement of electrostatic charge of membrane fouling layer. In 2009, Benoit became Associate Professor at the the LCME and then IC2MP at Poitiers University where he develops new models and methodologies to investigate membrane fouling in water treatment application. Specific research areas include hybrid water treatment processes  and modeling, engineering of nanoparticles in separation processes. In 2012, he was invited during 6 months at the John Hopkins University (Baltimore, USA) in order to develop a new hybrid ultrafiltration hollow fiber membrane including carbon nanotubes mat. He also spent 1 month at the Wuhan University of Science and technology (WUST, Wuhan China) in order to fractionate and characterize organic matters from the Yangtze river.

He has published 18 articles in international journal, 1 patent and has presented his works in 20 national and international conferences. He has supervised or co-supervised 13 M.S. students, 3

Ph.D. in the field of water and wastewater treatment and environmental chemical engineering.

Research Skills

  • Membrane separation processes : Ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis
  • Modeling of membrane fouling phenomena.
  • Nanoparticules engineering
  • Organic matter characterization, fractionnation, materials analysis (AFM, TEM, XPS).

Key publications

Consult all of Benoit TEYCHENE’s publications on the ResearchGate website…

  • Schwab K.J., Huang H., Teychene B., Fairbrother D.H., Jacangelo J.G., Ajmani G., Lahr M. Application of carbon nanotubes or carbon paritcles onto hollow fiber polymeric materials. Patent PCT/US2014/040289, 2014.
  • Touffet A., Baron J., Welte B., Joyeux M., Teychene B., Gallard H. Impact of pretreatment conditions and chemical ageing on ultrafiltration membrane performances. Diagnostic of a coagulation/adsorption/filtration process. Journal of Membrane Science 489 (2015) 284-291.
  • Tran D.T., Thieffry G., Jacob M., Batiot-Dupeyrat C., Teychene B. Modification of tubular ceramic membranes with carbon nanotubes using catalytic chemical vapor deposition. Water Science and Technology 72 (2015) 1404-10.
  • Bacle A., Thevenot S., Grignon C., Belmouaz M., Bauwens M., Teychene B., Venisse N., Migeot V., Dupuis A. Exposure to bisphenol A related to hemodialysis treatment. International Journal of Pharmaceutics, 505 (2016), 115-121.
  • Teychene B., Collet G., Gallard H. Modeling of combined particles and natural organic matter fouling of ultrafiltration membrane. Journal of Membrane Science 505 (2016) 185-193.
  • Collard M., Teychene B., Lemée L., Comparison of three different wastewater sludge and their respective drying processes: Solar, thermal and reed beds – Impact on organic matter characteristics. Journal of Environmental Management, In press (2016).
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