• Professeur des universités émérite - Equipe SAMCat

Thèmes de recherche

  • Preparation of solid catalysts, characterization, evaluation
  • Applications of catalysis to propulsion and development of new propellants
  • Applications of catalysis to organic chemistry

Mots clés

Solid state chemistry, catalysis, catalyst preparation, propulsion, inorganic chemistry

Informations complémentaires

  • Current participation at several European FP7 and H2020 projects: GRASP, PRECISE, RHEFORM, GRAIL
  • Scientific dissemination: 114 papers in peer-reviewed journals, 68 conference proceedings and papers published in non-reviewed journals, 2 book chapters published in 2008 and 2011, 44 invited lectures, 134 communications at international conferences
  • Reviewer activity: about 50 reviews per year mainly in journal dedicated to catalysis, engineering, solid state chemistry, propellants and propulsion
  • Editorial activity: Editorial Board Member of the new « Int. J. Energ. Mat. Chem. Propul. » (Begell House, inc. Publishers); Committee Member of the Chinese Journal of the Explosives and Propellants (since May 2016)
  • Presentation of general conferences on chemistry and science at French and foreign open universities, and in high school and secondary school; more than 100 already delivered.

Publications marquantes

  • “Green Propulsion: Catalysts for the European FP7 Project GRASP, Pirault-Roy, L., Saouabé, M., Scharlemann, C., Topics in Catalysis, 57 (2014) 656-667
  • « Assessment of Catalysts for Hydrogen-Peroxide-Based Thrusters in a Flow Reactor », David Krejci, Alexander Woschnak, Markus Schiebl, Carsten Scharlemann, Karl Ponweiser, Rachid Brahmi, Yann Batonneau, Charles Kappenstein, Journal of Propulsion and Power, 2013, Vol.29: 321-330
  • “Wet air oxidation of acetic acid over platinum catalysts supported on cerium based materials: influence of metal and oxide crystallite size”, J. Mikulová, J. Barbier Jr., S. Rossignol, D. Mesnard, D. Duprez and C. Kappenstein, Journal of Catalysis, (2007), 251, 172-18
  • “Application of Ionic Liquids to Space Propulsion”, Fahrat K., Batonneau Y., Brahmi R. & Kappenstein C., in Applications of Ionic Liquid in Science and Technology, ISBN 978-953-307-605-8, Scott Handy ed., Intech Publisher, Rijecka, Croatia, 2011, Chapter 21, 447-466
  • “Catalytic decomposition of energetic compounds: gas generator, propulsion”, Y. Batonneau, C. Kappenstein and W. Keim, in Handbook of Heterogeneous Catalysis, 2nd edition, Eds. G. Ertl, H. Knözinger, F. Schüth, and J. Weitkamp, Vol. 5, p. 2647, VCh-Wiley, Weinheim, April 2008, Chapter 12.7
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