• Professeur - Equipe E-BICOM / Full professor in chemistry - E-BICOM Team

Thèmes de recherches / Research topics

Traitement des sols pollués

Eaux résiduaires



Polluted soils and sites characterization, remediation and monitoring: development of methods, strategies and tools to better target pollution sources and control their effective in situ removal in subsoils,

Industrial and domestic wastewater treatments.

More especially, these research focuses on:

  • assessment of shear-thinning new remediation fluids (foams, hydrogels) and geophysical tools (electric tomography) for the low invasive real-time visualization of operations for the controlled in situ remediation in challenging situations (deep underground, strong anisotropy and heterogeneity, rebounds of pollution),
  • development of robust characterization methods and tools to investigate pollution sources in fractured aquifers,
  • assessment of redox treatments and synergism with bioremediation for the regeneration of polluted undergrounds (performances, degradation pathways)
  • synergistic wastewater treatments based on combination of oxidizing agents or chemical oxidation and microbial soil activity.



Manager of the Civil and Water Engineering diploma at the national school of engineering (ENSI) Poitiers


Pollutions, micro pollutants, soil, groundwater, wastewater, treatment, characterization, monitoring, controlled flow, pure phase recovery, degradation, imaging, tomography



Public organizations: BRGM (French geological survey), Laboratory of Geo-Materials (UPEM)

Involvement in R&D-projects

2011-2013) in which we developed and assessed the reuse of flushing solutions for in situ treatment of contaminated (PAHs, MTEs) scaling up to field-tests.

SILPHES project (Innovative Solutions To Fight Against Halogenated Compounds In Groundwater, French Agency for Energy and Environmental Management (ADEME), future investments, 2014-2018)

FAMOUS project (Gesipol, ADEME, 2017-2019)

PAPIRUS project (Upwelling Technology and Injection of Reagents for Assisted Pumping using Tilted Recovery Wells, Gesipol, ADEME, 2021-2024)

In these projects we developed and assess the use of shear-thinning fluids (foams, hydrogels)  to enhance the clean-up of deep anisotropic aquifers polluted by pure phase and sorbed heavy chlorinated compounds and the use of electric resistivity tomography for fast imaging in monitoring activities.

Coordinator of the:

MOUSTIC project (Foams for the In situ Treatment of Vadose Zones Contaminated by Heavy Hydrocarbons, French NRA, 2015-2019) involving academic and industrial partners for the development of surfactant foams for the in situ treatment of vadose soils using the targeted delivery of long-lasting oxidizing reagents.

PAPIRUS+ project (ISITE UBFC-RNA, 2019-2022) which deals with real-time non-invasive imaging of aquafer remediation operations.

KARSTNAPL program funded by ADEME and BRGM (2018-2022) to better understand the behaviour of NAPLs in karst model aquifers and their characterization using PITT methods.


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