• Professor in Environmental Engineering – ENSIP - Equipe E-BICOM
  • Adjunct-Professor at Curtin University Perth-WA Australia
  • Foreign Expert Professor at Xian University of Technology-China

Coordonnées administratives

Equipe E-BICOM

IC2MP UMR 7285 – CNRS – Université de Poitiers

Bâtiment B16, TSA 41105

7 rue Marcel Doré

86073 Poitiers cedex 9


  • July 1990: Habilitation – University of Poitiers – France
  • July 1987: PhD in Water Chemistry – University de Poitiers – France
  • June 1983: MSc in Environtal Eng.-University of Chambéry – France
  • June 1981: BSC Science Chemistry & Biology – Univ of Angers – France

Thèmes de recherche

  • Water analyses, isolation and characterization of natural and effluent organic matter (NOM and EfOM)
  • Physical chemical treatments (coagulation, adsorption, ion exchange) for the removal of dissolved organic matter
  • Membrane filtration: Characterization of surface interactions and nature of organic foulants of low (polymeric and ceramic) and high-pressure membranes (river water, desalination, wastewater reclamation)
  • Oxidation/disinfection (chlorination and ozonation) and Advanced Oxidation Processes (Solar based, UV-based, catalyst based AOPs): reaction mechanisms, performances and by-products formation

Research actvities

My research activities pertain to the isolation, characterisation and reactivity of Dissolved Organic Matter (DOM) i.e., Dissolved Organic Carbon (DOC) and Dissolved Organic Nitrogen (DON), in the aquatic environment and through water treatment trains (i.e., drinking water and water reclaim treatment plants). The major research topics are: the formation (analysis, reaction mechanisms) of Disinfection By-Products during chlorination, chloramination and ozonation; interactions of DOM with surfaces in removal processes (coagulation, sorption); DOM inducing UF and RO membranes fouling in drinking water (fresh and seawater feed) and reclaimed water treatment trains. Another major aspect of my research refers to the degradation of contaminants in the aquatic environment (photolysis, photoinduced degradation) and during catalytic processes and Advanced Oxidation Processes.

Publications marquantes

20 significant articles published the last 5 years

1. S. Zhang, V. Rouge, L. Gutierrez, J-P. Croué (2019) Reactivity of chromopheric dissolved organic matter (CDOM) to sulfate radicals: Reaction kinetics and structural transformation. Water Research, 163, 114846.

2. X. Z. Niu and J-P. Croué (2019) Photochemical product of hydroxyl radical from algal organic matter. Water Research, 161, 11-16.

3. N. Nihemaiti, D.B. Miklos, U. Hubner, K.G. Linden, J.E. Drewes, J-P. Croué (2018) Removal of trace organic chemicals in wastewater effluent by UV/H2O2 and UV/PDS. Water Research, 145, 487-497.

4. X.Z. Niu, E.G. Moore, J-P. Croué (2018) Excited Triplet State interactions of fluoroquinolone norfloxacin with natural organic matter: A laser Spectroscopy study. Environmental Science and Technology, 52(18), 10426-10432.

5. X.Z. Niu, J. Glady-Croué, J-P. Croué (2017) Photodegradation of sulfathiazole under simulated sunlight: Kinetics, photoinduced structural rearrangement, and antimicrobial activities of photoproducts. Water Research, 124, 576-583.

6. M. Nihemaiti, J. Le Roux, C. Hoppe-Jones, D.A. Reckhow and J-P. Croué (2017) Formation of haloacetonitriles, haloacetamides and nitrogenous heterocyclic by-products by chloramination of phenolic compounds. Environmental Science and Technology, 51, 1, 655-663.

7. X-Z. Niu, F. Busetti, M. Langsa, J-P. Croué (2016) Roles of singlet oxygen and dissolved organic matter in self –sensitized photo-oxidation of antibiotic norfloxacin under sunlight irradiation. Water Research, 106, 214-222.

8. Lu, D.; Zhang, T., Gutierrez, L., Ma, J., Croué, J-P. (2016) Influence of Surface Properties of Filtration –layer Oxide on Ceramic Membrane Fouling During Ultrafiltration of oil/water emulsions, Environmental Science and Technology, 50, 9, 4668-4674.

9. L. Liu and J-P. Croué. (2016) Formation of Bromate and Halogenated Disinfection By-Products during Chlorination of Bromide-containing Waters in the Presence of Dissolved Organic Matter and CuO. Environmental Science and Technology, 50 (1), pp 135-144

10. J. Le Roux, M. Nihemaiti, J-P. Croué. (2016) The Role of Organic Precursors in the Formation of Haloacetamides by Chloramination of Dissolved Organic Matter. Water research, 88, 371-379

11. L. Gutierrez, C. Aubry, M. Cornejo, J-P Croué. (2015) Citrate-coated silver nanoparticles interactions with effluent organic matter of capping agent and solution conditions. Langmuir, 31(32), pp 8865-8872.

12. Khan M.T., Hong P., Nada N., Croué J-P., (2015) Does Chlorination of Seawater Reverse Osmosis Membranes Control Biofouling? Water Research, 78, pp 84–97

13. Wang, Y., Le Roux, J., Zhang T., Croué, J-P. (2014) Formation of brominated disinfection byproducts from natural organic matter isolates and model compounds in a sulphate radical-based oxidation process. Environmental Science and Technology, 48 (24), 14534-14542.

14. Liu, C., Salhi, E., Croué, J-P., and von Gunten, U. (2014) Chlorination of iodide-containing waters in the presence of CuO: Formation of periodate. Environmental Science and Technology, 48(22), 13173-13180.

15. Filloux, E., Teychene, B., Tazi-Pain, A., and Croué, J-P. (2014) Ultrafiltration of biologically treated domestic wastewater: How membrane properties influence performance. Separation and Purification Technology, 134, 178-186.

16. Niu, X. Z., Liu, C., Gutierrez, L., and Croué, J-P. (2014) Photobleaching-induced changes in photosensitized properties of dissolved organic matter. Water Research, 66, 140-148.

17. Zheng, X., Khan, M. T., and Croué, J-P. (2014) Contribution of effluent organic matter (EfOM) to ultrafiltration (UF) membrane fouling. Isolation, characterization and fouling effect of EfOM fractions. Water Research, 65, 414-424.

18. Zhang, T., Chen, Y., Wang, Y., Le Roux, J., Yang, Y., and Croué, J-P. (2014) An efficient peroxydisulfate activation not relying on sulfate radical generation for water pollutant degradation. Environmental Science and Technology, 48 (10), 5868-75.

19. Khan, M. T., Busch, M., Molina, V. G., Emwas, A. H., Aubry, C., and Croué, J-P. (2014) How different is the composition of the fouling layer of wastewater reuse and seawater desalination RO membranes? Water Research, 59, 271-282.

20. Zhang, T., and Croué, J-P. (2014) Catalytic ozonation not relying on hydroxyl radical oxidation: A selective and competitive reaction process related to metal-carboxylate complexes. Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 144, 831-839.

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