Gaetano SQUADRITO, chercheur invité à l’IC2MP

Gaetano SQUADRITO, a researcher of  Institute for Advanced Energy Technologies of  CNR (Italy), (and, is hosted at IC2MP in the framework of the CNR short term mobility program.

This researcher collaborates with T. Napporn and B. Kokoh in developing components and set up instrumentation for testing fuel cells and electrolysers. G. Squadrito has been also invited as lecturer for seminars dedicated to researchers and students.

First result of this new collaboration between CNRS and CNR is the joint participation, as partners, in a proposal submitted to the EU-EIC-Pathfinder-Challenge call with topics New routes to hydrogen production.

Mardi 9 novembre 2021 à 16 h 30

Conférence sur « Oxygen valorization and green hydrogen cost reduction ». 

Lieu : Salle de l’UMR


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