14 juin 2022 – Lancement officiel de l’IRP* CNRS France-Espagne GLYCOMIMIC à Poitiers

Official Start of IRP CNRS France-Spain GLYCOMIMIC

« Oxocarbenium and glycosyl cations: from Chemistry to Enzyme »

Program of the Day

9h-9h15 General introduction
9h15-10h15 Conference Prof. Keith Woerpel (New-York University)
Title: “Stereoselective Addition Reactions to Carbon Electrophiles: Conformational Analysis, Stereoelectronic Effects, and Reactivity”
10h15-11h15 Conference Dr. Ana Arda & Prof. Jesus Jimenez Barbero (CIC BioGune Bilbao)
Title: “Structural insights into glycan-mediated molecular recognition processes”
11h15-12h15 Conference Dr. Alba Nin Hill & Prof. Carme Rovira (Universitat de Barcelona)
Title: “Computational study of glucosyl and galactosyl cations in different environments: gas-phase, superacid and enzymatic media”



*International Research Project (attributed by CNRS)
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