Front Cover in  Journal of Proteome Research about Exopeptidase for Exobiology (E-BICOM)

A Novel Proteomics-Based Strategy for the Investigation of Peptide Sequences in Extraterrestrial Samples

Justin Lange, Fabiola Djago, Balkis Eddhif, Quentin B. Remaury, Alexander Ruf, Nathalie K. V. Leitner, Louis L. S. Hendecourt, Grégoire Danger, Claude G. Rodier, Sébastien Papot, and Pauline Poinot

The Front Cover: Exopeptidase for Exobiology: Development of a novel chemo-bioanalytical strategy for evidencing peptide bonds within extraterrestrial objects.

More information can be found in Full Paper

DOI: 10.1021/acs.jproteome.0c00700


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