Water, Geochemistry, Health (T1)

Head of the team : Nathalie KARPEL VEL LEITNER

and Deputy Head Laurent LEMEE

Scientific Objectives / Skills:

Characterization of aquatic and terrestrial Organic Matter:

  • Relations between components of soils and aquatic environments, geochemistry and microbial ecology
  • Offering a sustainable management of resources (from the plant protection to the impact on health)
  • Understanding the mechanisms of biotransformation

Water treatment and remediation:

  • Mechanisms and oxidation kinetics of pollutants (persistent and endocrine disruptors)
  • Expology: Epidemiology, Health-Water Relations, Analysis of Trace pollutants

Originality / Specificity:

  • Innovative strategies of vectorization for plant protection
  • Structure and evolution of natural and anthropogenic OM
  • Knowledge of the interactions and transformations of micro traces
  • Impact of the constituents of water on conventional and innovative Water treatment processes, oxidants Chemistry, transfer in membrane processes (clogging, autopsy, hybrid processes)
  • Thermal and chemical methods to characterize molecular & bio-geopolymer biomarkers
  • Original methods of promotion for the carbon waste (biological pretreatment, biorefinery, …)
  • Biomarkers of exposure and management of human cohorts

Different themes:


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