The Water Platform

The Water Platform

The Water platform contitutes a unity of place and thought in order to allow developements on the pilot scale in the field of the water treatment, in particular the Water platform chooses some treatment plants for pilot prrojects, authorizing preliminary testing before the new application is brought inti an industrial environment. With a view to a technoly transfer to the industry, those pilot plants will provide the expertise, in collaboration with industrial research, in the following fiels :

  • Water treatment for human consumption,
  • Pollution control of the industrial effluents before disposal or for reuse,
  • Water network distribution.

Within the Water platform, the innovating processes of water treatment and pollution control of the industrial effluents could be optimised under ideal conditions, on mobile control units which can be coupled with traditional (also mobile) water treatment technologies (like the technics of liquid-solid separation or the bireactors).

Head of Water platform : Bertrand Gombert


1, Rue Marcel Doré Bât B1 – 86022 POITIERS

Tel : +33 (0)5 49 36 62 77

Courriel : bertrand.gombert[at]

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