X-ray fluorescence

Contact: S. Arrii-Clacens (+ (

– Bruker spectrometer “S4 Explorer” dispersive wavelength

equipped with two detectors: a gas flow proportional counter for the light elements, and a scintillation counter for heavy.

with 3 crystals: LiF 200 – PET – OVO 55 thus adapt the analysis conditions for samples and elements that we wish to analyze.
Photo S. Arrii-Clacens IC2MP Poitiers

Allows the elemental analysis of Be in solid samples of Uranium and Uranium Na for liquid samples.

vue interne du spectro FluoX
View internal spectro (Fluox) photo S. Arrii-Clacens

Photo right side Fluox smuggler S. Arrii-Clacens

Spectre de fluorescence X dispersif en longueur d’onde d’un échantillon de PtSn


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