Transmission electron microscopy and scanning transmission

– Contacts: J. Rousseau & S. Pronier (+

– “TEM / STEM JEOL 2100 UHR” resolution of 0.19 nm with a dispersion spectrometer EDAX energy, a detector field wide angle annular dark HAADF and a Gatan CCD camera.
Possibility of using a slide heater.
Photos Stephane Pronier IC2MP Poitiers

This device allows for conventional TEM (bright field), the High Resolution (HREM), the diffraction, STEM (HAADF Bright and field), the DARK FIELD (dark field) and EDS.

The transmission electron microscopy technique is particularly powerful for physico-chemical characterization of materials, it provides information on the structure, chemical composition, the morphology of the samples to the atomic scale.
High resolution image of a stick gold zone axis [001] – Stéphane Rousseau and Julie Pronier IC2MP Poitiers

The morphological information of the object is given directly in image mode while the structural aspect is rather obtained diffraction mode.
The identification and quantification of chemical elements present are made ​​using spectroscopic techniques such as energy dispersive analysis.

As the detector HAADF, it allows obtaining an image contrast Z. It allows a quantitative analysis of the projected atomic density since the intensity of the images is directly related to the atomic number.

silice mesoporeuse SBA15
Image HAADF SBA15 mesoporous silica and lanthanum nickel deposit – Stéphane Rousseau and Julie Pronier IC2MP Poitiers


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