Raman spectroscopy

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– Horiba Jobin Yvon Raman spectrometer “LabRam HR 800 UV” equipped with two lasers (one red HeNe (632 nm) – 1 green Ar + (514 nm)) and a heating cell for in-situ studies.
Photo S. Arrii-Clacens IC2MP Poitiers

Identification of chemical bonds, characterization and evolution of structures in a controlled atmosphere and temperature.

LabRAM spectrometer from Horiba Jobin Yvon HR is designed to perform confocal Raman microscopy. It is equipped with a single stage spectrograph to ensure optimal collection of Raman signal.

Many extras can make measurements on micro and macroscopic samples, maps, measures temperatures.

In effect, the cell is a cell Linkam hot (temperature range of from 25 to 1000 ° C, heating rate of 1 to 130 ° C / min, the stability of the temperature by 1 ° C) which can be swept by a gaseous mixture. The sample is placed on a frit in a ceramic crucible. The gas passes through the sample.

This device has the particularity of using a monochromator Czerny-Turner type with mirrors (reflective optics), not lenses (refractive optical). It can work over a wide spectral range. On the other hand, the long focal length (800 mm) of the spectrograph allows it to reach spectral resolutions exceptional for a single-stage spectrograph (0.3 cm-1/pixel at 633 nm with a network of 1800 rev / mm) .

Interior photo S. Raman IC2MP Poitiers Arrii-Clacens

Spectre Raman de 50 à 4000 cm-1 d’un échantillon de nanotubes de carbone multi-feuillets


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