Optical spectroscopy ICP-OES

– Contact: L. Eloy

– Emission spectrometer coupled plasma induced ICP-OES “Perkin Elmer Optima 2000 DV.”
Spectromètre d’émission par plasma à couplage induit ICP OES
Photo S. Arrii-Clacens IC2MP Poitiers

It is an optical emission spectrometer with double covered, axial and radial, equipped with an autosampler.

In addition, we have a platform for sample preparation, which includes:
– * System mineralization in a closed reactor with heating by microwaves,
– * A set of distribution of acidic solutions (HCl (37%) – HNO3 (70%) – HClO4 (60%) – HF (48%) – H2SO4 – H3PO4 – H3BO3)
– * A set of weighing.

It allows rapid analysis of almost all elements of the periodic table, with a low detection limit of the order of ppm. Detection limits in ICP-OES are given in the document below.

As for the flame atomic absorption, the samples must be in liquid form for analysis, so the samples must undergo solid acid digestion.

For comparison, a summary table of the elements that can be assayed by atomic absorption is also given. This also indicates the gas to be used.


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