Infrared spectrometry

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– Two Fourier transform spectrometers THERMO NICOLET NEXUS series and 5700.

– * Cells with KBr windows (400 to 4000 cm-1) and CaF2 (1111 to 4000 cm-1) connected to a vacuum assembly.
– * The cell thermostated for adsorption at low temperature.
IR IC2MP Poitiers
photo Philippe Ayrault IC2MP Poitiers

– Characterization of acid sites by adsorption of basic probe molecules (pyridine, ammonia, quinolines)
– Measurement of the basicity of a probe by adsorption acid (CO2),
– Measurement of the dispersion of metal sites by adsorption of carbon monoxide.
– The identification of bands or qualitative structure by dilution in KBr.
the liquid-infrared.


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