Water issues

The topic of water is built on the recognized expertise of our researchers on the study of chemical and microbiological constituents of aquatic environments and their transformation through water treatment processes.

Study of pollutants and micropollutants to be found in a range of aquatic environments: Properties and transformation in the natural environment (“aquatic organic matter”) and by treatment processes (“Oxidation in dilute aqueous medium”) ; health risk assessment (“Water & Health “).

  • Indicators of water quality, interaction of the biofilms with the aquatic environment
  • Excitability of oxidants in emerging pollutants (kinetic parameters and identification of reaction products)
  • Innovative processes of oxidization
  • Interaction of adhesive material in membrane filtration processes

Areas of study: Water Resources and Natural Environment, Drinking water, industrial and urban effluents, swimming pool water, cooling circuits
– Quantification and identification of micropollutants
– Fractionation and characterization of organic matter, dynamics of biofilms
– Oxidation pilot, membrane filtration, electron accelerator
– Reaction mechanisms and kinetic modeling
– Epidemiology
Keywords: Water resources, Water Treatment, Aquatic organic matter, emergent pollutants, Biofilms, Health

Vials which contain standard solutions of emerging pollutants © CNRS Gallery Cyril FRESILLON


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