Background and objectives:

  • Health risk assessments by a chemical and epidemiological multidisciplinary approach
  • Exposure measure (endocrine disruptors, selenium, chlorination derivates). Direct methods (validation of biomarker of exposure). Indirect methods (validation of questionnaires).
  • Epidemiological and etiological studies
  • “Candida albicans” biofilms: Candida is frequently associated with established medical devices. The responsible chemical compounds shape the biofilms on these carriers. The whole approach is based on the use of inhibitors and preparation techniques of innovative support.

Legionella and amoebae

  • Legionella. Study of free Amoebae-Legionella relations. Protective effect of the amoebae during the treatment. Development of the anti-legionella peptides and understanding of the action mechanisms.
  • Biofilms. Impact of treatments on the ecology of network biofilms. Inhibition of biofilm development by the grafting of agents on the surfaces.


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