Axis Glycochemistry

Sugar chemistry or glycochemistry is to couple and / or functionalizing the sugar to generate analogs or glycoconjugates. This is a growing field. Indeed, sugars are natural organic synthons available and inexpensive having multiple stereogenic centers. Processing using simple chemical reactions provides quick access to complex chiral compounds. In addition, due to the discovery of the role of sugars in a growing number of biochemical phenomena, this family of molecules attracting growing interest from chemists and biologists to better understand their biological role and access molecules therapeutic value derived sugars.

In this context, this axis is particularly interested in :

– The synthesis of sugars mime (iminosugars, forced sugars) for therapeutic and mechanistic applications.

– The synthesis of oligosaccharides and glycoconjugates for therapeutic purposes.

– The synthesis of modified cyclodextrins to generate new objects biomass possessing catalytic properties and molecular recognition.

– Synthesis and structural elucidation of natural products from the chiral pool sugars.


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