Handbook of Advanced Methods and Processes in Oxidation Catalysis. Sept 2014.

Handbook of Advanced Methods and Processes in Oxidation Catalysis.

From Laboratory to Industry

Edited by: Daniel Duprez (University of Poitiers, France), Fabrizio Cavani (University of Bologna, Italy)
The authors are Daniel Duprez (University of Poitiers IC2MP, France) and Fabrizio Cavani (University of Bologna, Italy). Jacques Barbier Jr., Thomas Belin, Patrick Magnoux Jerome Mijoin, Christophe Coutanceau and Steve Baranton researchers, professors and Lecturer at the IC2MP also involved in the work.
This book offers a comprehensive overview of the most recent developments in both total oxidation and combustion and also in selective oxidation. For each topic, fundamental aspects are paralleled with industrial applications. The book covers oxidation catalysis, one of the major areas of industrial chemistry, outlining recent achievements, current challenges and future opportunities. One distinguishing feature of the book is the selection of arguments which are emblematic of current trends in the chemical industry, such as miniaturization, use of alternative, greener oxidants, and innovative systems for pollutant abatement. Topics outlined are described in terms of both catalyst and reaction chemistry, and also reactor and process technology.
Oxydation Catalysis

  • Oxidation of CO and Hydrocarbons in Exhaust Gas Treatments (Jacques Barbier Jr and Daniel Duprez)
  • Soot Oxidation in Particulate Filter Regeneration (Junko Uchisawa, Akira Obuchi and Tetsuya Nanba)
  • The Catalytic Oxidation of Hydrocarbon Volatile Organic Compounds (Tomas Garcia, Benjamin Solsona and Stuart H Taylor)
  • Catalytic Oxidation of Volatile Organic Compounds: Chlorinated Hydrocarbons (Juan R González-Velasco, Asier Aranzabal, Beñat Pereda-Ayo, M Pilar González-Marcos, and José A González-Marcos)
  • Zeolites as Alternative Catalysts for the Oxidation of Persistent Organic Pollutants (Stéphane Marie-Rose, Mihaela Taralunga, Xavier Chaucherie, François Nicol, Emmanuel Fiani, Thomas Belin, Patrick Magnoux and Jérôme Mijoin)
  • Plasma Catalysis for Volatile Organic Compounds Abatement (J Christopher Whitehead)
  • Catalytic Abatement of Volatile Organic Compounds: Some Industrial Applications (Pascaline Tran, James M Chen and Robert J Farrauto)
  • Hydrocarbon Processing: Catalytic Combustion and Partial Oxidation to Syngas (Unni Olsbye)
  • Oxygen Activation for Fuel Cell and Electrochemical Process Applications (Christophe Coutanceau and Stève Baranton)
  • Advanced Oxidation Processes in Water Treatment (Gabriele Centi and Siglinda Perathoner)
  • Selective Oxidation at SABIC: Innovative Catalysts and Technologies (Edouard Mamedov and Khalid Karim)
  • Development of Selective Oxidation Catalysts at Clariant (Gerhard Mestl)
  • The Industrial Oxidation of KA Oil to Adipic Acid (Stefano Alini and Pierpaolo Babini)
  • Selective Oxidation Reactions in Polynt: An Overview of Processes and Catalysts for Maleic Anhydride (Mario Novelli, Maurizio Leonardi and Carlotta Cortelli)
  • Selective Oxidations at Eni (Roberto Buzzoni, Marco Ricci, Stefano Rossini and Carlo Perego)
  • Selective Oxidation in DSM: Innovative Catalysts and Technologies (Paul L Alsters, Jean-Marie Aubry, Werner Bonrath, Corinne Daguenet, Michael Hans, Walther Jary, Ulla Letinois, Véronique Nardello-Rataj, Thomas Netscher, Rudy Parton, Jan Schütz, Jaap Van Soolingen, Johan Tinge and Bettina Wüstenberg)
  • In Situ and Operando Raman Spectroscopy of Oxidation Catalysts (Israel E Wachs and Miguel Bañares)
  • Infrared Spectroscopy in Oxidation Catalysis (Guido Busca)
  • In Situ Non-Vibrational Characterization Techniques to Analyse Oxidation Catalysts and Mechanisms (Angelika Brückner, Evgenii Kondratenko, Vita Kondratenko, Jörg Radnik and Matthias Schneider)
  • Vanadium-Phosphorus Oxide Catalyst for n-Butane Selective Oxidation: From Catalyst Synthesis to the Industrial Process (Elisabeth Bordes-Richards, Ali Shekari and Gregory S Patience)
  • Polyoxometalates Catalysts for Sustainable Oxidations and Energy Applications (Mauro Carraro, Giulia Fiorani, Andrea Sartorel and Marcella Bonchio)
  • Supported Metal Nanoparticles in Liquid-Phase Oxidation Reactions (Nikolaos Dimitratos, Jose A Lopez-Sanchez and Graham J Hutchings)
  • Sustainability Trends in Homogeneous Catalytic Oxidations (Alessandro Scarso and Giorgio Strukul)
  • Light Alkanes Oxidation: Targets Reached and Current Challenges (Francisco Ivars and José M López Nieto)
  • Opportunities for Oxidation Reactions under Supercritical Conditions (Udo Armbruster and Andreas Martin)
  • Unconventional Oxidants for Gas-Phase Oxidations (Patricio Ruiz, Alejandro Karelovic and Vicente Cortés Corberán)
  • Membrane Reactors as Tools for Improved Catalytic Oxidation Processes (Miguel Menéndez)
  • Structured Catalytic Reactors for Selective Oxidations (Gianpiero Groppi, Alessandra Beretta and Enrico Tronconi)

Readership: Researchers from academic laboratories and also from research departments in the chemical industry.


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