Chemistry for Epigenetics.

The work of Philippe Bertrand and Fatima el BAHHAJ roofing DRUG DISCOVERY TODAY September 2014.
Drug Discovery Today is a journal refereed specialized in the field of drug discovery.

What is epigenetics: Epigenetics is the set of molecular mechanisms that occur in the genome and the regulation of gene expression that can be influenced by the environment and the individual history and being potentially transmissible from one generation to another, without altering the nucleotide sequences (DNA), and reversible.

Drug_discovery_todayDrug discovery today

Epigenetic inhibitors or modulators epigenetic targets entered into clinical trials with some success, particularly for combined therapies. Like many other chemotherapeutic agents such new classes of molecules have dose-limiting toxicities and very active metabolism in vivo leads to less effective than expected.

This review presents the classes of molecules targeting epigenetic mechanisms and details the general principles of chemical, physical or biological exploited to design prodrugs or carriers such as nanoparticles, specially adapted to the administration of epigenetic modulators.

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Philippe Bertrand is Associate Professor at the Institute of Chemistry of Materials Media and Poitiers. He did his research team in Organic Synthesis.


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