Photos Platform PreMiCat

Platform PreMiCat

(Preparation and Implementation of catalysts)

Manager: Sophie Morisset
Tel: 33 (5) 5 49 45 38 32

PreMiCat is a technical platform that allows to develop different
catalysts that will then be used for catalytic tests
by researchers at the institute.

Physical characterization is performed on the equipment division “analysis and characterization.”

Here are some pictures of the equipment available:

– * Vacuum oven Tmax 240 ° C
– * Muffle furnace with airflow Tmax 1100 ° C

extrudeuse en marche -fil spaghetti-

Broyeur à bille

étuve sous vide

four à moufle

homogénéiseur, plaque chauffante

réacteur de calcination tubulaire vertical



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