Carbon analyzers

GC-MS: Shimadzu QP 2010

  • Analyzer quadrupole electron impact ionization

equipped with an autosampler

This unit is dedicated to the analysis of macromolecules (biogéopolymères) present in natural environments.

GC-MS: ThermoFisher

– GC chromatograph Focus

  • Quadripole DSQ II

Electron impact ionization, positive and negative chemical ionization (PCI, NCI)

  • TriPlus autosampler (liquid, headspace and SPME)
  • Coupled with a CDS pyrolyzer Pyroprobe 5150 with a smuggler

This device allows, depending on the mode of introduction (Headspace, Liquid, SPME, pyrolysis) analysis of a broad spectrum of molecules from volatile organic compounds (VOCs) polymers.

Contact : [Laurent Lemée


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