An Article of Dr. Laurence VIVIER and Dr. Daniel DUPREZ as one of 25 most read publications in the journal ChemSusChem.

Ceria-Based Solid Catalysts for Organic Chemistry Laurence VIVIER et Daniel DUPREZ.

This publication from Dr. Laurence VIVIER and Dr. Daniel Duprez in 2010 as one of 25 most read publications in the journal ChemSusChem.

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Keywords :

cerium; heterogeneous catalysis; hydrogenation; oxidation; synthetic methods.

Abstract :

Ceria has been the subject of thorough investigations, mainly because of its use as an active component of catalytic converters for the treatment of exhaust gases. However, ceria-based catalysts have also been developed for different applications in organic chemistry. The redox and acid–base properties of ceria, either alone or in the presence of transition metals, are important parameters that allow to activate complex organic molecules and to selectively orient their transformation. Pure ceria is used in several organic reactions, such as the dehydration of alcohols, the alkylation of aromatic compounds, ketone formation, and aldolization, and in redox reactions. Ceria-supported metal catalysts allow the hydrogenation of many unsaturated compounds. They can also be used for coupling or ring-opening reactions. Cerium atoms can be added as dopants to catalytic system or impregnated onto zeolites and mesoporous catalyst materials to improve their performances. This Review demonstrates that the exceptional surface (and sometimes bulk) properties of ceria make cerium-based catalysts very effective for a broad range of organic reactions.


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