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  1. Anna Zalineeva, Stève Baranton, Christophe Coutanceau and Gregory Jerkiewicz. Octahedral palladium nanoparticles as excellent hosts for electrochemically adsorbed and absorbed hydrogen. Science Advances  03 Feb 2017: Vol. 3, no. 2, e1600542 – DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.1600542. Abstract…
  2. E. Angot, B. Huang, C. Levelut, R. Le Parc, P. Hermet, A. S. Pereira, G. Aquilanti, G. Frapper, O. Cambon, and J. Haines Experimental and first-principles calculation study of the pressure-induced transitions to a metastable phase in GaPO4 and in the solid solution AlPO4-GaPO4 – PHYSICAL REVIEW MATERIALS 1, 033607 (2017)
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    Published: JUN 1 2017
  4. Zeng, QF (Zeng, Qingfeng); Yu, SY (Yu, Shuyin); Li, D (Li, Duan); Oganov, AR (Oganov, Artem R.); Frapper, G (Frapper, Gilles)  Title: Emergence of novel hydrogen chlorides under high pressure, Source: PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY CHEMICAL PHYSICS  Volume: 19, Issue: 12, Pages: 8236-8242, DOI: 10.1039/c6cp08708f
    Published: MAR 28 2017
  5. Yu, SY (Yu, Shuyin); Zeng, QF (Zeng, Qingfeng); Oganov, AR (Oganov, Artem R.); Frapper, G (Frapper, Gilles); Huang, BW (Huang, Bowen); Niu, HY (Niu, Haiyang); Zhang, LT (Zhang, Litong)
    Title: First-principles study of Zr-N crystalline phases: phase stability, electronic and mechanical properties
    Source: RSC ADVANCES  Volume: 7, Issue: 8, Pages: 4697-4703, DOI: 10.1039/c6ra27233a
    Published: 2017
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    Title: Exploring the Real Ground-State Structures of Molybdenum Dinitride
    Source: JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY C Volume: 120, Issue: 20, Pages: 11060-11067
    DOI: 10.1021/acs.jpcc.6b00665 Published: MAY 26 2016
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