Associate Professor

Research Topics

– Optimization of membrane processes applied to water treatment (waster reuse, drinking water, desalination, etc …)

– Study of membrane fouling mechanisms, transfer of contaminants and membrane autopsy.

– Hybrid membrane processes (advanced oxidation/UF/RO, Carbon nanotubes/UF).


Water treatment, membrane processes, fouling, organic materials, Nanoparticles


Institute of Chemistry of Materials and Environments of Poitiers
(IC2MP) – UMR 7285)
National School of Engineers of Poitiers (ENSIP)
(University of Poitiers)
1 rue Marcel Doré, Building 16, 86022 Poitiers Cedex, France
Tel: + 33 (0) 549 453 846
Mail: benoit.teychene@univ-poitiers.fr


– Eaux de Paris (France)

– INSA-Toulouse (LISBP, France)

– Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore, USA).

Major publications

[1] Teychene B, Collet G., Gallard H., Croué J.P. A comparative study of boron and arsenic (III) rejection from brackish water by reverse osmosis membranes . Desalination, 310 (2013) 109-114.

[2] Teychene B, C Guigui, Cabassud C, G Amy, Toward a better identification of foulant species in MBR processes. Desalination, 231 (2008) 27-34.

[3] B.Teychene, P.Loulergue, C.Guigui, C.Cabassud, Development and use of a novel method for in-line Characterisation of fouling layers and electrokinetics properties for fouling monitoring. Journal of membrane science -370, 1-2 (45-57) – 2011.

[4] B.Teychene, C.Guigui, C.Cabassud, Engineering of the fouling layer in MBR by fine particle addition: a feasible way to control and to limit compressibility “TMP jump”, Water research – 45, 5 (2060 – 2072) – 2011.


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