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Research Topics

Electrocatalysis concepts are applied to three areas :

– Organic electrosynthesis : oxidize or reduce selectively organic molecules and identify the intermediates and final products of reaction.

– Water Electrolysis : Synthesis of catalysts to reduce the oxygen overvoltage to allow clean production of oxygen and hydrogen.

– Biofuel cells : System which use enzymes as catalysts enabling the conversion of the chemical energy into electrical energy at room temperature and under physiological conditions.

Keywords Product

Electrocatalysis – Nanocatalysts metal – Biofuel cell – Enzyme catalysis


  • Co-director of the Master Analytical Chemistry and Quality since 2009
  • Elected member of the Scientific Commission of expertise 31-32-33rd sections of Poitiers (since 2009)


  • D. Leech – University of Galway, Ireland
  • S. Tingry – European Institute of Membranes
  • P. Parpot – University of Minho, Braga – Portugal

Major publications

1. Electrochemical activity of ruthenium and iridium based catalysts for oxygen Evolution reaction. N. Mamaca, E. Mayousse, S. Arrii-Clacens, T.W. Napporn, K. Servat, N. Guillet and KB Kokoh Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 2012, 111-112, 376-380.

2. Oxygen Electroreduction Catalyzed by Bilirubin Oxidase Does Not Release Hydrogen Peroxide. P. Tonda-Mikiela, A. Habrioux, S. Boland, K. Servat, S. Tingry, P. Kavanagh, T. Napporn, D. Leech and K. Kokoh Electrocatalysis, 2011, 2 (4), 268-272. (DOI 10.1007/s12678-011-0062-1)

3. Activity of Sputtered gold particles layers Towards electrochemical glucose oxidation in alkaline medium. A. Habrioux, K. Servat, T. Girardeau, P. Guerin T.W. Napporn and Kokoh KB Current Applied Physics, 2011, 11 (5), 1149-1152.

4. TEMPO mediated oxidation of carbohydrates using electrochemical methods. P. Parpot, K. Servat, A.P. Bettencourt, H. Huser and KB Kokoh Cellulose (Dordrecht, Neth.), 2010, 17 (4), 815-824.

5. Electrochemical characterization of adsorbed bilirubin oxidase on Vulcan XC 72R for the preparation biocathode in a biofuel cell glucose/O2. A. Habrioux, T. Napporn, K. Servat, S. Tingry and K.B. Kokoh Electrochim. Acta, 2010, 55 (26), 7701-7705.


Institute of Chemistry and Materials environments Poitiers (IC2MP)
Building B27 – Team “E-lysis”
4 rue Michel Brunet
86022 Poitiers
Tel. : +33 (0) 5 49 45 41.62
Fax: +33 (0) 5 49 45 35 80
Contact: karine.servat [at]


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