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Organic Synthesis

Group : Programmed Group Molecular Systems

Research Topics

– Study of molecular systems programmed for vectorizing therapeutic agents.

– Study of self-reactive molecules interlaced


Equipe « Synthèse »
Annexe bâtiment B27
Université de Poitiers
4 rue Michel Brunet
86022 Poitiers
Tel: +33 (0) 5 49 45 35 18
Email: isabelle.opalinski[at]univ-poitiers.fr

Keywords Product

vectorization, auto-immolables spacers, dendrimers. glycosidases, cyclodextrins, rotaxanes.

Major publications

VIP Article – “The First Generation of β-Galactosidase-Responsive Prodrugs Designed for the Selective Treatment of Solid Tumours in Prodrug Monotherapy.” T. Legigan, J. Clarhaut, I. Tranoy-Opalinski, A. Monvoisin, B. Renoux, M. Thomas, A. Lepape, S. Lerondel and S. Papot Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 2012, 51 (46), 11606-11610. (Inside Cover)

“A Galactosidase-Responsive “Trojan Horse” for the Selective Targeting of Folate Receptor-Positive Tumor Cells” M. Thomas, J. Clarhaut, P.-O. Strale, I. Tranoy-Opalinski, Joëlle Roche and S. Papot ChemMedChem 2011, 6, 1006-1010.

“A Heterodimeric Glucuronide Prodrug for Cancer Tritherapy: the Double Role of the Chemical Amplifier” M. Grinda, J. Clarhaut, I. Tranoy-Opalinski, B. Renoux, A. Monvoisin, L. Cronier and S. Papot ChemMedChem 2011, 6, 2137-2141. (Inside Cover)

“A self-immolative dendritic glucuronide prodrug of doxorubicin” M. Grinda, J. Clarhaut, B. Renoux, I. Tranoy-Opalinski and S. Papot MedChemComm 2012, 3, 68-70. (“Hot paper”)

“Design of Self-Immolative Linkers for Tumour-Activated Prodrug Therapy” I. Tranoy-Opalinski, A. Fernandes, M. Thomas, J.-P. Gesson and S. Papot Anti-Cancer Agents Med. Chem. 2008, 8, 618-637 (review article).


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