Arnaud Mazurier

Research Engineer at Université de Poitiers

Equipe : Materials Characterization Platform

Activities : In charge of 2 X-ray microtomographic equipments (Viscom X8050 and EasyTom Duo XL).

Key Words

X-ray microtomography, 2/3D characterization,  digital image processing and analysis.


Building B35

Adress :

Institut de Chimie des Milieux et Matériaux de Poitiers (IC2MP)
UMR 7285 Université de Poitiers, UFR SFA
Bât. B8 – 5 rue Albert Turpain – TSA 51106
F-86073 POITIERS Cedex 9, FRANCE

Tel : (+33)

Email :


Selected Publications

  • Mazurier, A., Sardini, P., Rossi, A.M., Graham, R.C., Hellmuth K.-H., Parneix, J.-C., Siitari-Kauppi, M., Voutilainen, M., Caner, L. (2016) Development of a fracture network in crystalline rocks during weathring: Study of Bishop Creek chronosequence using X-ray computed tomography and 14C-PMMA impregnation method. Geological Society of America Bulletin, doi: 10.1130/B31336.1
  • El Albani A., Bengtson S., Canfield D.E., Riboulleau A., Rollion Bard C., et al. (dont A. Mazurier) (2014) The 2.1 Ga Old Francevillian Biota: Biogenicity, Taphonomy and Biodiversity. PloS ONE 9(6) e99438. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0099438
  • Macchiarelli R., Bayle P., Bondioli L., Mazurier A. & Zanolli C. (2013) From outer to inner structural morphology in dental anthropology. The integration of the third dimension in the visualization and quantitative analysis of fossil remains. In (R.G. Scott & J.D. Irish) Anthropological Perspectives on Tooth Morphology: Genetics, Evolution, Variation. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, pp. 250-277.
  • Zanolli C. & Mazurier A. (2013) Endostructural characterization of the H. heidelbergensis dental remains from the early Middle Pleistocene site of Tighenif, Algeria. Comptes Rendus Palevol 12: 293-304.
  • Gaboreau S., Lerouge C., Dewonck S., Linard Y., Bourbon X., Fialips C., Mazurier A., Pret D., Borschneck D., Montouillout V., Gaucher E.C. & Claret F. (2012) In-situ interaction of cement paste and shotcrete with clay-stonesin deep disposal context. American Journal of Science 312: 314-356.
  • Bayle P., Macchiarelli R., Trinkaus E., Duarte C., Mazurier A. & Zilhão J. (2010) Dental maturational sequence and dental tissue proportions in the early Upper Paleolithic child from Abrigo do Lagar Velho, Portugal. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 107: 1338-1342.
  • Bondioli L., Bayle P. Dean C., Mazurier A., Puymerail L., Ruff C., Stock J.T., Volpato V., Zanolli C. & Macchiarelli R. (2010) Morphometric maps of long bone shafts and dental roots for imaging topographic thickness variation. American Journal of Physical Anthropology 142: 328-334.
  • El Albani A., Bengtson S., Canfield D.E., Bekker A., Macchiarelli R., Mazurier A., Hammarlund E., Boulvais P., Dupuis J.-J., Fontaine C., Fürsich F.T., Gauthier-Lafaye F., Janvier P., Javaux E., Ossa Ossa F., Pierson-Wickmann A.-C., Riboulleau A., Sardini P., Vachard D., Whitehouse M. & Meunier A. (2010) Large colonial organisms with coordinated growth in oxygenated environments 2.1 billion years ago. Nature 466: 100-104.
  • Mazurier A., Nakatsukasa M. & Macchiarelli R. (2010) The inner structural variation of the primate tibial plateau characterized by high-resolution microtomography. Implications for the reconstruction of fossil locomotory behaviours. Comptes Rendus de l’Académie des Sciences Paris, PALEVOL 9: 349-359.
  • Macchiarelli R., Bondioli L. & Mazurier A. (2008) Virtual dentitions: touching the hidden evidence. In (J.D. Irish & G.C. Nelson) Technique and Application in Dental Anthropology. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, pp. 426-448.
  • Kunimatsu Y., Nakatsukasa M., Sawada Y., Sakai T., Hyodo M., Hyodo H., Itaya T., Saegusa H., Mazurier A., Saneyoshi M., Tsujikawa H., Yamamoto A. & Mbua E. (2007). A new Late Miocene great ape from Kenya and its implications for the origins of African great apes and humans. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 104: 19220-19225.
  • Macchiarelli R., Bondioli L., Debénath A., Mazurier A., Tournepiche J.-F., Birch W. & Dean C. (2006) How Neanderthal molar teeth grew. Nature 444: 748-751.
  • Mazurier A., Volpato V. & Macchiarelli R. (2006) Improved noninvasive microstructural analysis of fossil tissues by means of SR-microtomography. Applied Physics A, Materials Science & Processing 83: 229-233.


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