KOKOH Boniface

University Professor

Research Theme:

– Design of nanomaterials in platinum and gold for electrocatalysis.

– Transformation and electrocatalytic sugar molecules from biomass.

– Electrolyzer water type “Solid Polymer Electrolyte” (SPE)


Electrocatalysis; electrosynthesis organic Biopile, Fuel Cells, Nanomaterials


Team Leader Electrocatalysis

– Deputy Director of the Doctoral School “Science for the Environment – Gay Lussac

– Director of the Doctoral College Poitiers

– Chairman of the Board of Scientific Expertise (CES) in Chemistry


University of Poitiers – Team E-lysis – 3rd Floor – North Wing of Chemistry
4 Rue Michel BRUNET – Building B27

BP633 – 86022 Poitiers Cedex, France

Tel. : +33. (0) / Cell: +33. (0) 6 30 73 44 01

Email: boniface.kokoh@univ-poitiers.fr

Major publications

– Activity of platinum-gold alloys for glucose electrooxidation in biofuel cells. A. Habrioux, E. Sibert, K. Servat, W. Vogel, K. B. Kokoh *, N. Alonso-Boast, The Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 111 (2007) 10329.

– Structural and electrochemical studies of Au-Pt nanoalloys. Aurélien Habrioux, Walter Vogel, Maxime Guinel, Laure Guetaz, Karine Servat, Boniface Kokoh * and Nicolas Alonso-Boast, Physical Chemistry & Chemical Physics, 11 (2009) 3573.

– Spectroscopy study of the reduction of carbon dioxide on lead electrode in aqueous medium. B. Innocent, D. Pasquier, F. Ropital, F. Hahn, JM Léger, KB Kokoh * Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 94 (2010) 219.

– Electrocatalytic Activity of Supported Au-Pt Nanoparticles for CO Oxidation and O2 Reduction in Alkaline MediumA. Habrioux, D. Diabaté, J. Rousseau, T. Napporn, K. Servat, L. Guétaz, A. Trokourey and K. Kokoh, Electrocatalysis, 2010, 1, 51-59.

– Electrochemical activity of ruthenium and iridium based catalysts for oxygen reaction Evolution, N. Mamaca, E. Mayousse, S. Arrii-Clacens, T. W. Napporn, K. Servat, N. Guillet and K. B. Kokoh * Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 2012, 111-112, 376-380.


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