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Engineering School of Poitiers – ENSIP
University of Poitiers
Building B1
1 rue Marcel Doré
86022 Poitiers Cedex _


SFA – University of Poitiers
Building B35
Albert Street Turpain
86022 Poitiers Cedex _

Tel: +33. (0) 5.49 45 35 48
Fax: +33 (0) 5 49 45 36 34

Research topics

– The originality of my research is the use of experimental approaches non-invasive, non-destructive quantification of kinematic fields in the clay matrix (sedimentary rocks, soils, geomaterials) under mechanical stress, heat or water.

– These optical methods provide access to (i) 2D or 3D characterization of the behavior of fine medium analyzed which supports the formulation of laws of behavior and / or validation of theoretical models and numerical (ii) the location of areas highly heterogeneous, reflecting the presence of geometrical discontinuities (cracks) in the massif.

– These measures therefore apply to many issues related to (a) the environment (nuclear waste storage, recovery of geo-materials), (b) the mechanical behavior of clays (eg withdrawal / swelling).

– My research is positioned at the interface of two domains:

  • Mineralogy / petrology to characterize the clay medium (laboratory proficiency Hydrasa);
  • Mechanics (mechanical quantities, laws of behavior …).

Valorisation and dissemination of research

– Member of the organizing committee of the 14th International Conference on Experimental Mechanics, 4-9 July 2010, Poitiers (France).

Illustrative selection of five recent publications

Hedan, S., Valle, V., Cottron, M. “In Plane Displacement Formulation for Finite Cracked Plates Under Mode I Using Grid Method and Finite Element Analysis”, Experimental Mechanics, 50 (3), pp. 401-412.

Barranger, Y., Doumalin, P., Dupre, JC., Germaneau, A., Hedan, S., Valle, V. “Evaluation of three-dimensional and two-dimensional displacement fields full of a single edge notch fracture mechanics specimen, in light of experimental data using x-ray tomography.” Engineering Fracture Mechanics, 76 (15) :2371-2383, (2009).

Hedan, S., Pop O., Valle, V., Cottron, M. “FE and experimental investigation with shadow optical method for measuring area in a ductile plastic cracked plate”, Strain, Accepted December2008, forthcoming.

Hedan, S., Valle, V., Cottron, M. “Locating experimental 3D effects and transient crack tip for different speeds of propagation of brittle materials”, CR Mécanique, 335 (4), pp 238-244 .

Hedan, S., Pop O., Valle, V., Cottron, M. “Dynamic optical interferometry Applied to analysis out-of-plane displacement fields for crack propagation in brittle materials”, Journal de Physique IV, 134, pp. 597 – 601.


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