Associate Professor

Research Topics

– Hydrotreating (HDS, HYD) cuts oil and bio-oil from biomass for the production of fuels such as gasoline.

– Synthesis of alkanethiols by hydrosulfurization alcohols.


heterogeneous catalysis hydrotreatment, metal sulfides, kinetics.


University of Poitiers
Bat B27
4 rue Michel Brunet
86022 Poitiers cedex
Tel: +33 (0) 5 49 45 38 39
Fax: +33 (0) 5 49 45 38 97

Major publications

Insight into sulfur compounds and promoter effects on Mo-based catalysts for selective HDS of FCC gasoline. C. Fontaine, Y. Romero, A. Daudin, E. Devers, C. Bouchy, S. Brunet, Applied Catalysis A: General 388 (1-2), 2010, 188-195

Impact of carbon monoxide on the transformation of a model FCC gasoline. DFT simulation interpretation. F. Pelardy, C. DUPONT, C. Fontaine, E. CANT, A. DAUDIN, F. BERTONCINI, P. RAYBAUD, S. BRUNET, Appl. Catal. B Environmental, 97, 2010, 323-332

Inhibiting effect of Decan-1-ol on the conversion of n-hexadecane over a catalyst Pt/SiO2-Al2O3. A. S. GUEDES, C. FONTAINE, C. BOUCHY, S. BRUNET, Appl. Catal. B Environmental, 100 (1-2), 2010, 165-172.


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