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Research Topics

Adjustment of physico-chemical properties of zeolites and mesoporous solids by post-synthesis treatment to improve their adsorptive properties: Application to the elimination of organic pollutants in the presence of water.

Study of the hydrophilic / hydrophobic balance of modified porous solids.
Characterization of the porosity by adsorption of probe molecules.

Keywords Product

Adsorption, zeolites, porous solids, decontamination

Additional Information

Collaborations: LAFARGE (LCR), University of Bejaia (Algeria)

Major publications

Separation of Isomers Monobranched and Dibranched of n-Hexane on Zeolitic Molecular Sieves: A Thermodynamic Study
A.H. Yonli, N. Bouillault, I. Gener-Batonneau, S. Mignard
Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 114, 2010, 4465

Adsorptive removal of aromatic compounds present in wastewater using dealuminated faujasite zeolite by
B. Koubaissy, G. Joly, I. Batonneau-Gener, P. Magnoux
Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 50, 2011, 5705

Tuning the Mesoporous Silica Materials of hydrophobicity for the Adsorption of Organic Pollutant in Aqueous Solution
A. Found I. Batonneau-Gener, S. Valange, M. Bonne, S. Mignard
Journal of Hazardous Materials, 201-202, 2012, 107.

Comparative study of the hydrophobicity of BEA, HZSM-5 zeolites HY and Determined by competitive adsorption
A. H. Yonli I. Gener, S. Mignard
Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, 132, 2010, 37

Influence of steaming and acid-leaching treatments on the hydrophobicity of zeolite HBEA Determined under static terms
I. Batonneau-gener, A. Yonli, S. Hazael-Pascal, J. P. Marks, J. Lopes, M. Guisnet, F. R. Ribeiro and S. Mignard
Microporous and Mesoporous Materials 110, 2008, 480


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