Joël Barrault

Joel Barrault 2

Research Director CNRS (em) (National Center for Scientific Research/France).

Tel.: +33(0)549453999, e-mail:

Group: ‘Catalysis and unconventional media’

IC2MP : Institute of Chemistry, Materials and Natural Resources (UMR CNRS 7285) – Ex LACCO : Catalysis in Organic Chemistry

ENSIP, 1 rue Marcel Doré, 86022 POITIERS cedex, France.

  • Board of a French network CNRS-INRA ‘Biomatpro’: renewables for biomaterials and bioproducts.
  • Board of the chemical industry division of The French Chemical Society.
  • Board of the French Biotechnology Cluster of the French Chemical Society.
  • Member of Suschem (sustainable chemistry) Cluster, France
  • Board of VALAGRO (valorization of agroresources) platform
  • Expert (international) for chemicals and/or energy production from renewables
  • National, european and international cooperations with public and private companies.
  • Referee : J.Catal., Appl. Catal., Chem. Comm., green chem., Chemsuschem., Catal. Today, J.Phys.Chem., CatCom., Materials, J.Mol.Cat., Micro and mesopor. Mat.,…

Fields of activities

Green chemistry, Catalysis, Environment, Energy, Fine Chemicals, Renewables and dedicated catalytic materials preparation
Four main aspects

  1. catalytic conversion of renewables (lignocellulosic compounds, polyols, fatty derivatives, CO2, biogas, wastes),
  2. elaboration of functional nanostructured catalytic materials (organized mesoporous oxides, porous carbon-based materials, hybrid organic-inorganic materials),
  3. the design of eco-efficient processes and
  4. unconventional media.

In all investigated catalytic processes, the economical and ecological footprints of the whole catalytic processes are considered. In this context, the selectivity of reactions, the choice of the solvents, the separation of the reaction products, the catalyst stability and recycling as well as the energy consumption are particularly investigated.


Supervisor of more than 60 Ph D thesis
60 national and international patents
300 publications in international journals and proceedings
100 Invited lectures
Over 400 oral communications and seminars


  • Chairman or Co-chairman of
    • Heterogeneous catalysis and fine chemistry held in Poitiers (1988,1990 and 1993).
    • Green Chemistry – uses and applications of renewable raw materials », Poitiers in 2003.

Indian-French workshop /nanomaterials and catalysis, Poitiers, may 22-25, 2007

  • Valorization of glycerol, Poitiers, march 13, 2008
  • International symposium on green chemistry : Renewable carbon and eco-efficient processes, La Rochelle, France, may 21-24, 2013
  • Creation of technical centers
  • Centre for innovation and technology transfert in chemistry (1985)
  • Technical Platform for the valorisation of agroressources/VALAGRO (1992)


Tel. : +33 (0)5 49 45 39 99
Fax : +33 (0)5 49 45 33 49
Courriel : joel.barraultat]

Adresse postale :
1 rue marcel Doré,
Bât B1
86022 Poitiers cedex


Adresse postale :
1 rue marcel Doré,
Bât B1
86022 Poitiers cedex



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