Research Topics

(Bio) organic geochemistry.

– Organic matter of soils and sediments (lipids, humic substances, kerogen): molecular structure, biogeochemical processes of evolution, accumulation (sedimento).
– Valuation of lignocellulosic biomass.
– New strategies for the study of complex organic materials (chemical, pyrolysis, thermochimiolyse).


Lipids. Kerogen. Humic substances. Complex organic matter. Biodegradation. Soils.


Organic biogeochemistry
Chemistry Building – B27
4 rue Michel Brunet
86022 Poitiers
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International Collaborations: University of Belgrade (D. Vitorovic), Rabat (Halim), Marrakech (Mr. Hafidi), Kenitra (A. Kribii), Tangier (Mr. Khaddor), Naples (A. Piccolo).

Major publications

– Tetramethylammonium hydroxide thermochemolysis for the analysis and quantification of cellulose and carbohydrates in a free Peatbog.
C. ESTOURNEL-Pelardy, F. Delarue, L. Grasset, F. Laggoun-Defarge, A. Ambles. Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis 2011, 92, 401-406.

– Stability and maturity of a compost green waste and Biowaste Assessed on the Basis of a molecular study using spectroscopy, thermal analysis, thermodesorption and thermochemolysis.
M.-P. SOM, L. LEMEE, A. Ambles, Bioresource Technology, 2009, 100, 4404-4416.

– Molecular compounds generated by ruthenium tetroxide oxidation and preparative off line of lignite humic acids thermochemolysis from South Moravia: Implications for molecular structure.
D. Valkova, L. Grasset, A. Ambles, Fuel, 2009, 2113-2121.

– Structural characterization of kerogen from the mild Youssoufia phosphate using potassium permanganate oxidation.
Mr. KHADDOR Mr. Ziyad A. Ambles, Organic Geochemistry, 2008, 39, 730-740.

– Lipid constituents of peat humic acids and humin. Distinction from Directly-extractable bitumen components using TMAH and TEAAc thermochemolysis.
C. Guignard, L. LEMEE and A. Ambles, Organic Geochemistry, 2005, 36, 287-297.


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