Nicolas Alonso-Vante

Professor Université de Poitiers

Research Topics

(Photo)-Electrochemistry and (Photo)-Electrocatalysis of novel materials using various ex situ and in situ techniques, fuel generation, interfacial characterization and surface analytical techniques.


Electrochemistry, ORR-, HER-, OER-Electrocatalysis, Energy & Fuels, Nanomaterials, Micro-fuel cells,


Université de Poitiers

4 Rue michel BRUNET – 86022 POITIERS CEDEX, France

Bâtiment B27 – bureau 201-

Tel. : +33(0)5 49 45 36 25

Email: nicolas.alonso.vante[at]

Information (collaborations) :

Prof. O. Schneider, Technical University Munich, Germany

Prof. A. Kokorin, Institute of Chemical Physics, Moscow, Russia

Dr. J. Santander, Centro Nacional de Microelectrónica, IMB-CNM (CSIC), Barcelone, Espagne

Prof. G. Abadias, Institut Pprime, University of Poitiers

Prof. A. Straboni, S’tile PME, Poitiers

Major Publications

1. Alonso-Vante, N., Structure and Reactivity of Transition Metal Chalcogenides toward the Molecular Oxygen Reduction Reaction, in Interfacial Phenomena in Electrocatalysis, C.G. Vayenas, Editor. 2011, Springer New York. p. 255-300.

2. Alonso-Vante, N., Platinum and Non-Platinum Nanomaterials for the Molecular Oxygen Reduction Reaction. ChemPhysChem, 2010. 11(13): p. 2732–2744.

3. Alonso-Vante, N.”Novel nanostructured material based on transition metal compounds for electrocatalysis” In Catalysis of Nanoparticles Surfaces, A. Wieckowski, E. Savinova and C. Vayenas (Eds.) Marcel Dekker, Inc., NY, Basel, (2003) p 931.

4. Alonso-Vante, N.” “Chevrel phase and cluster-like chalcogenide materials” In Handbook of fuel cells, W. Vielstich, A. Lamm, and H. Gasteiger (Eds.) John Wiley & Sons, Ltd, Chichester, (2003) Volume 2, Part 5, pp 534–543.

5. Alonso-Vante, N.” Physico-chemical properties of novel nanocrystalline ruthenium based chalcogenide materials. In Chemical Physics of nanostructured semiconductors, A. I. Kokorin D. W. Banehmann (Eds.) VSP Brill Academic Publishers, (2003), Chapter 5.




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