Natural and synthetic Organic matter

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Sébastien Thibaudeau

Hervé Gallard


This cross-disciplinary Research Project has the purpose of bringing together researchers and technical staff to develop research on scientific issues and to promote innovations on organic substances, like the synthesis of bioactive molecule (ie pharmaceuticals, pesticides, …) and macromolecules of natural complex structure.

This axis was created when three teams developed tools and analytical methods with common objects of study: natural organic matter, bioactive molecules and synthetic organic micro-pollutants.

These teams have complementary skills and methods to characterize natural organic matter from soluble molecules to insoluble macromolecules. They use also the knowledge of biomarkers to determine the origin and history. It includes the development of an analysis by liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry of synthetic molecules.

The development of a complementary expertise increases their capacity to develop new methods of analysis and characterization of organic molecules (eg new methods of diversion and fragmentation of complex organic compounds). The fate and impact of bioactive substances on ecosystems and human health are currently relevant. It includes for example the National Environmental Health Plan (NESP) of drug residues in water and the Plan ECOPHYTO 2018. In addition, the reactivity of these active substances is closely associated with the presence of natural organic matter.

It also involves different skills in synthetic organic chemistry, geochemistry and chemistry of aqueous media to study the reactivity of natural organic matter and synthetic matter and identify the metabolites produced during the process in the environment and in water treatment.


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