Master Erasmus Mundus IMACS – Farewell congress – 12 Septembre 2012

International Master in Advanced Clay Science

– Presentation IMACS

– La cérémonie de remise des diplômes des 3 promotions Erasmus Mundus 2010-2012 se déroulera le jeudi 13 septembre à 18h30 à la Maison des Etudiants, Bât A6. Voir la vidéo sur UPtv.

Cérémonie de remise des attestations de fin d’études des 3 promotions Erasmus Mundus 2010-2012

– An open presentation of studies of Master Erasmus Mundus the 12th of septembre in Poitiers at MSHS.

The laboratory is involved in differents teaching activities,

Erasmus Mundus Master course

An open presentation of studies of Master Erasmus Mundus the 12th of septembre in Poitiers at MSHS, conférences room (Bât A5 -1er étage).

For memory the présentation of Master Erasmus Mundus at the Institute day the 18th of april 2012..

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Farewell congress – Master Erasmus Mundus IMACS on UPtv

An open presentation of studies of Master Erasmus Mundus the 12th of septembre in Poitiers at MSHS.

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– Importance of clay minerals for trapping metals in the lagoon of New Caledonia See
Intervenant(s) : Mme Mariana Bonhsack.

– Mineral characterization in soils – See
Intervenant(s) : M. Leopoldo Radtke

– New insights of geophagy through microscopic characterization of the intestinal mucosa in a laboratory experience on rats fed with clay or zeolite additives – See
Intervenant(s) : M. Dante Ortiz .

– Nanostructuration of Prussian Blue and Zn2AlLDH nanoparticles – See
Intervenant(s) : Mme Catia Angli Curie .

– Experimental study of iron rich phyllosilicates – see
Intervenant(s) : M. Suraj Pushparaj.

– Physical-chemical study of the possibilities for clayey sand use in road bituminous binders – see
Intervenant(s) : Mme Chi Wei Chen.

– Correlations of acoustic properties, porosity and mineralogy of clay-rocks: results of the deep borehole of Montiers-sur-Saulx – See
Intervenant(s) : M. Ruini Tang.

– Zeolite catalyzed Fries rearrangement for the synthesis of biologically active intermediates See
Intervenant(s) : M. Wondemagegn Wanna.

– Multi-approach study of an old petroleum system: 2.1 Gyr Paleoproterozoic Franceville basin, Gabon – See
Intervenant(s) : M. Olabode Modupe Bankole.

– Crushing of clay bearing limestone and serpentine using a novel centrifugal crusher – See
Intervenant(s) : M. Emejulu Chuckwudubem

– Rheological properties of palygorskite-smectite and sepiolite-smectite mixed clay suspensions – See
Intervenant(s) : M. Yadeta Chemeda.

– Spatial variation of layer charge in Melo bentonite deposit, Northern Uruguay. Implications on physical properties and organophilization – See
Intervenant(s) : M. George Machado.

– Quantitative X ray analysis – See
Intervenant(s) : M. Stanislav Jelavic.

– Preparation of kaolinite –nylon 6 composite under varying conditions – See
Intervenant(s) : Mme Anna Czarnecka.

– Clay studies of Basaltic rocks from the Serra Geral formation in Rio Grande do Sul:Clay minerals of an amethyst bearing flow of Alto Uruguai region (RS), Paraná Magmatic Province – See
Intervenant(s) : Mme Elise Mulocher.

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